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Raptor Switching Development Platform

  Features:     Description:
  • Supports Praesum SwitchKitTM RapidIO and
    Ethernet switch testing.
  • Wirespeed traffic generation and checking.
  • Integrated protocol analysis.
  • 1U Rack Mount Chassis.
  • Eight FMC Line Card Interfaces, supporting up
    to twelve front panel switch ports. Available line
    cards include:
       Dual CX4
       Dual QSFP+

Raptor STS is a system level development platform designed to facilitate the testing of switching systems utilizing Praesum SwitchKit IP.

Based on a leading edge Virtex®-7 FPGA, it generates and checks high speed traffic streams. Its FPGA based traffic generators can also generate a wide range of error senarios to validate that the switch under test can recover in all cases.

Integrated traffic capture and protocol analysis simplifies the debug of test failures, and supports the integration of traffic testing results into simulation environments.

Multiple Raptor STS boxes can be ganged to test high port count switches, with control and analysis managed from a single Linux workstation.


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